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About Michelle

I am a fully qualified dog trainer with a Foundation Degree in Dog Behaviour and Training, full member of APDT and approved Agility Club Instructor. I also teach Levels 2 and 3 Canine Theory at a local land based college.

I have owned dogs for all of my life and have always been interested in dog behaviour. This interest was taken further in 2000 when I adopted Ollie, a 6 year old corgi cross from a local rescue centre. She had been rehomed 7 times in two years and her behavioural problems became apparent immediately, particularly fear related aggression.

Over time we went to numerous dog training classes and contacted a number of behaviourists, all of whom either refused to deal with Ollie or wanted to use harsh methods. I realised that the 'traditional' methods were not suitable for Ollie and started to investigate kinder methods of training.

Ollie eventually learnt to trust me and was able to live a relatively normal life but it was a long process. It took several months of gentle training just for her not to flinch when being approached. Ollie lived until she was 13 years old and I'm very grateful for everything she taught me and for being lucky enough to have such a wonderful dog.

I now have a terrier cross that enjoys agility and is a Pets As Therapy Dog.


Qualifications include:

  • Foundation Degree in Canine Behaviour and Training from Bishop Burton College, validated by the University of Hull
  • Member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (01170)
  • Approved Agility Club Instructor
  • Three Day HSE First Aid Course
  • Canine First Day Course
I also regularly attend various dog training seminars, including:

  • Ian Dunbar 4 day Sirius Dog Training Conference
  • David Ryan Predatory Chase and Dogs that Fight and Bite
  • Kennel Club Accredited Instructor Sessions

    I use both practical and theoretical elements during my dog training classes and one to one training sessions to improve the behaviour of dogs and to assist owners.